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LMM 6150 Pearl White for Metal

6150 pearl on anodized aluminum1

LMM 6150
Pearl Marking Material for Metal Substrates

Recommended use:
LMM 6150 is recommended for creating a Pearl White marks on Stainless Steel. LMM 6150,

LMM6150 dries to a white hard coat and is most comparable to LMM 6000. This coat can be easily handled prior to laser marking.

Recommended substrates:
LMM 6150 is recommended for Stainless Steel substrates only.

304 Stainless Steel

316 Stainless Steel

Blued Gun Steel

Has worked on polished Anodized


**No testing has been completed in 430 Stainless Steel (Surgical Stainless Steel)

Lasers that work:
LMM 6150 works equally well with CO2 and solid state lasers.

LMM 6150 may need diluted depending on the airbrush system you are using.  The LMM 6150 holds suspension and does not need to be mixed or stirred for long periods of time.

Air brush application: Ratio of 2:1/2 (2 parts in volume of LMM 6150 to 1/2 part in volume of Distilled water) is recommended.  This material will not work properly if over thinned.

Foam brush (hand) application: NOT RECOMMENDED

Please make sure that the surface to be marked is free and clear of oils, cleaning agent films, dust, and lacquer coating.  Prepare surface by cleaning with Ethanol or Denatured Alcohol.

Apply a thin even coat of material so the metal cannot be seen through the coating.

Allow to completely dry.  (Slower dry time than LMM6000 because it is water-based)

Drying time & methods:
If left to air dry, LMM-6150 is normally fully dry within 2 to 3 minutes. If air drying takes too long, however, a hair drier or forced air heater may be used to speed up the process. 6150 dries to a hard coat

Laser settings: A 35 Watt or high laser is required to use this material properly.

 CO2 35 Watt Laser             –              100% Power 8-10%Speed   600 DPI   (**Universal 35 Watt Laser)


Product Appearance:
LMM6150 liquid holds suspension and does not need to be mixed or stirred for long periods of time before  and during use. Color in container cream/tan in color and has the consistency of Elmer’s Glue. It should not separate upon standing, but it is still advisable to stir 6150 prior to use.

Once applied to the substrate and dry, LMM 6150 will be a Cream/tan paint-like coating


Other Notes:

Materials will bond to each other.  For black and white photographs, use LMM6000 first, then invert image and apply LMM-6150 and laser again.  You can create gray-scale with overlapped areas. The TherMark stainless steel tags were too thin and warped under the needed laser setting for multi-color images.

You can apply a second coating and laser to create a bolder bright mark. Low Speed application a thicker grade stainless is optimum.