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Laser marking brass and soft metals

When laser marking soft metals like aluminum, brass, bronze, copper, or pewter for best results you should use CerMark LMM 14 coating instead of CerMark LMM 6000.  Copper and brass items often have a clear lacquer coating on them to prevent tarnishing.  This clear coating will prevent the CerMark from sticking correctly to the metal. …
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Optimizing Marking Power Settings with CerMark Laser Marking Materials

It is sometimes difficult to determine the correct power and speed settings to make good markings with CerMark marking materials. There are numerous variables that must be considered when seeking the proper settings. The type of substrate, thickness of the substrate, and the substrate’s ability to conduct heat will influence the power needed to make…
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New high speed CerMark application process

We have developed a new high speed CerMark application system that does not require spraying. This process will allow you to coat a metal cup in 2 seconds with no over spray.  The coating will be applied very consistently and you should get 3 times more coverage per gram than current methods.
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Bullet Products

In 2017 CerMark Sales, Inc. acquired Bullet Opener USA. The Bullet Opener product line are real US. Military fired munitions converted into great keepsake and memento gift items.  These are ideal gifts for your favorite veteran, hunter, gun enthusiast or yourself. CerMark Sales has narrowed the original product offering from Bullet Opener to items our…
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CerMark Shelf Life Considerations

General Ambient environmental storage conditions can affect product shelf life.  The following is written based on a typical office type environment.  Temperatures, humidity levels and other factors outside this norm can further degrade shelf life. Keeping the product in a closed plastic bag when not in use can help extend shelf life. All CerMark products…
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Silver Laser Marking

I normally recommend against laser bonding marks on silver.  Over the last 15 plus years working with laser bonding materials such as TherMark and CerMark I have found in general that LMM 14 works best on silver. For some reason in general if the silver is from North, Central or South America marks better.  Silver…
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