LMM 6018 Black marking tape

CerMark LMM 6018 is a paper backed laser marking tape with results similar to CerMark LMM 6000 liquid.  Designed for use on stainless steel, anodized aluminum, ceramic, and porcelain materials.

Laser Requirements
Minimum 40 watts of CO2 energy

Application Method
Clean the surface of so that it is free of any lubricants or oils. Apply LMM 6018 to the item and smooth out by hand, ensure that no air bubbles or gaps occur between tape and substrate. Moderate pressure should insure good adhesion. LMM 6018 must adhere well to the substrate to ensure a consistent mark.

Removal Methods
Remove tape by peeling from surface. Some burned paper residue may need to be wiped away. A cloth can be used with water or ethanol. Some cut out portions of tape may also need weeding, depending on the mark.

Marking Notes
Rough or uneven substrates such as porous non-glazed ceramics or bricks will also produce marks of lower resolution due to the roughness of the material. We recommend that the marking be done in a with air assist and exhaust system. Smoke and flame will be created during laser marking from the paper backing burning.

Marking will require some trial and error to optimize specific settings for your laser with a particular substrate.

Storage Recommendations
Product must be stored in cool and dry conditions. Storage temperatures should be between 40ºF (5ºC) and 95ºF (35ºC).

LMM 6018 is available in rolls are 50 feet long and come in 1', 2', 3' and 4' wide.

Not intended for use with fiber lasers.