LMM 6060 Black for Metals

CerMark LMM 6060 Incorporates the best of LMM 6000 and LMM 14 General purpose black marks for most metal types including softer metals like Brass, Copper, Pewter, and Aluminum. Water Based Coating, good green strength.

Black for Metals

After extensive development and testing a new water-based version of the popular LMM  6000 laser marking material for metals called LMM  6060.

LMM  6060 incorporates the best features of the popular CerMark LMM  6000 and TherMark LMM 14.

  • The water based formula is nonflammable and allows for express shipment
  • Will not stain metals such as brass, sterling silver, and steel
  • Same mark strength of the LMM  6000
  • Same marking contrast as LMM  6000
  • Dries hard allowing for handling similar to LMM  6000
  • Fast drying similar to LMM  6000

Appearance Dark Green

Versatility and ease of application. The LMM 6060 is an all-in-one metal marking product. High quality, high contrast, durable marks on a variety of metal substrates. The LMM 6060 has improved adhesion for difficult to stick to surfaces such as high polished aluminum or stainless and chrome. Dries to a tough film that can be handled. Coated parts can be stacked.