CerMark Metal Marking Materials

There are more than one CerMark coatings for marking metals. The most common are CerMark LMM 6000 and LMM 14. There are differences between these two materials and several other coatings that may work better for specific applications.

The most important factor in selecting the correct coating is understanding what kind of metal you are trying to mark on. For example, there is a large difference between stainless steel and aluminum. The power and speed settings for stainless steel will not work for aluminum. In general, you have to mark much slower and use a lot more power on softer metals like brass and aluminum for the material to stick correctly. You also need more power or use slower speeds for chrome and other shiny surfaces. If you have a practice piece we suggest using a power grid to determine the best settings. See power grid bulletin.

LMM 6000 has a much better “green strength” which means once they dry it is very difficult to remove the material before marking thus making them easier to handle. After marking the materials are easily removed with water or other cleaning products. LMM 14 dries to more of a powder so you need to be more careful before marking your product.

Our employees can help you select the best coating for your application.

Below are links to the most commonly used laser marking materials for metals. Each page contains coating specific and application details.

Most customers opt to purchase the materials in a spray can form for ease of use. LMM 14 and LMM 6000 are the only coatings available in a spray can form at this time. LMM 6000 is also available in a tape form called LMM 6018. If you are using large volumes it is much more cost effective to buy in liquid and use an airbrush system to apply the materials.

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