Color Laser Marking Materials for Metals

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Many people ask if there are colors for metals.  The only colors that can be made are black, white and a copper.  Dyes and pigments used to make color can not survive the heat of the laser marking process.  There is not enough demand for these color to make them in spray can form.  White LMM 6150 and Copper is LMM 6151 only come in liquid form and should be applied by spraying with an airbrush or Preval type spray can

3 products
LMM 6150 Pearl White for Stainless Steel – 250 Grams Liquid
LMM 6150 Pearl White for Stainless Steel – 50 Grams Liquid
LMM 6151 Copper Color For Stainless Steel – 250 grams liquid

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