LMM 6150 Pearl White for Stainless Steel – 250 Grams Liquid

SKU: LMM6150.250
LMM 6150 Pearl White for Stainless Steel – 250 Grams Liquid
LMM 6150 Pearl White for Stainless Steel – 250 Grams Liquid

LMM 6150 Pearl White for Stainless Steel – 250 Grams Liquid

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CerMark LMM 6150 Pearl Marking Material for Metal Substrates

LMM 6150 is recommended for creating a Pearl White marks on Stainless Steel.

304 Stainless Steel

316 Stainless Steel

Blued Gun Steel

Anodized Aluminum


**No testing has been completed in 430 Stainless Steel (Surgical Stainless Steel)

LMM-6150 Pearl laser marking material is a newly formulated product designed to make Whitish marks on metal with CO2, Fiber and YAG lasers.  This product has been found to work best on stainless steel, Black Parkerized metal and Black Oxide treated metal. The LMM-6150 may also work on other bare metals, which have not been fully evaluated.  The presents of a clear or lacquered coating on the metal substrate will inhibit the LMM-6150 from properly bonding to the metal substrate.   



This material does not require any thinning.  If thinning is necessary then a small amount of water should be added.  If too much water is added, the LMM-6150 material will not perform properly, so care must be taken when thinning.


Product Preparation

Ensure that the product has been well mixed prior to use.  Some settling may occur during long storage.  The LMM-6150 must be poured through a 190 micron paint strainer when transferring this material into your spray device.   Filtering the material will remove any foreign substance that could interrupt the follow of the material while spraying.  Occasional stirring of this product may be necessary during usage.  If the LMM-6150 Pearl has set in a spray device longer than 5 minutes without stirring it’s recommended the material be removed and stirred before continuing.  For marking consistency it is always recommended for the material to be stirred often.  Material temperature should be equivalent to room temperature prior to application.



Clean the surface of the metal so it is free of any type of lubricants or oils.  Application of this product is important to achieve good results.  The LMM-6150 Pearl should be applied using a spray gun or airbrush.  Apply a very light coating of the LMM-6150 marking material to the metal substrate.  Apply just enough material to cover the surface of the metal underneath.  *Trial and error will be necessary to achieve desired appearance. If the material is applied too thick, it will require more power to produce the mark, the color development and texture may be affected.  It is important that the LMM-6150 Pearl is applied with an even and thin coat. 

Applying this product may require practice to achieve the right coverage and obtain the desired appearance.


We recommend that all CerMark LMM products be applied in a well-ventilated area or spray booth designed to pull air away from user.  



It is important that the marking material is allowed to dry thoroughly.  It will air dry quickly, generally in about 2 minutes.  Using a drying oven, hair dryer or a heat lamp can speed up this process.


Marking on Stainless Steel

This step may require some trial and error to optimize your laser with a particular substrate.  Keep in mind that all lasers react differently depending on the substrate, the type of laser, the laser’s power, spot size, and other factors.  If possible, we strongly recommend using a test power grid on a piece of the actual substrate to optimize the marking parameters.  Please reference the CerMark publication, “Optimizing Power Settings” for more information. 


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