25 MM Bushmaster Bottle Opener Qty 6- Black

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These items are made from real genuine US military fired 25 X 137 MM shell casings. This round is used in the M242 Bushmaster chain-fed autocannon. The M242 entered service in 1972 and is currently used in the Bradley fighting vehicle. It is a single barrel cannon that can be fired in semi-automatic, burst or automatic modes reaching up to 200+ rounds per minute. The Mk38 is a derivative of the M242 used by the Navy. Also, now used in the F-35 fighter jets’ four-barrel Gatling gun embedded in the F-35A’s left wing.

These rounds have been demilitarized and converted into bottle openers and beer tap handles. These products do not contain any active gunpowder or primers, making them 100% safe for use.

These are the world’s largest bullet bottle opener and one of the coolest beer tap handles. Great for any Veterans man cave.

Powder coat painted in olive drab.

These are individually bagged and come with a shell description card.

Sold in packages of 6 for $17.50 each.

You can select how many of each color per package.

MSRP on this item is $34.99 each blank.

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