30 MM Shot Glass Black Anodize

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Warning the availability of 30 MM shell casings has become very limited and other than the quantity we show listed here on our website we may not be able to provide for future orders for extended periods of time.

These shot glasses are made from real genuine US military fired 30mm X 173mm GAU 8 A-10 shell casings. The A-10 cycles spent shells back into the plane to avoid impact damage during flight.

These rounds have been demilitarized, cut down to equal a generous 2.25-ounce pour and anodized. These products do not contain any active gunpowder or primers, making them 100% safe for use.

Literally unbreakable, this is not your ordinary shot glass. These rounds are typically used to eliminate tanks and armored vehicles as well as fortified ground-based targets. The A-10 Thunderbolt II “Warthog” first took flight in 1972 and was designed around its primary armament of the GAU-8 Avenger rotary cannon. The GAU-8 Gatling gun fires 30mm x 173mm ammunition at a rate of 4,200 rounds per minute, which are available in armor-piercing (AP) and high explosive (HE) variations for use in accordance with a designated firing mission. This epic casing makes one badass shot glass!

**Each casing is thoroughly inspected, cleaned, and professionally anodized to preserve the vibrant colors.  Paint colors may vary.**

MSRP on this item is $12.99 each blank.

Additional shipping charges may be required based on number of items ordered and ship to location.  Shipping cost will be billed at actual UPS Ground rate it costs us for your order or we can use your UPS account as well.

Great for custom laser engraving.