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If you do not inform us at time of order that you need a Material Certificate of Compliance one will not be sent with your shipment. 

Our system is not able to track automatically if you have requested a material certificate in the past. Adding this item to your cart at checkout creates a line item for us so we can be sure to record the lot number before shipping from one of our 4 locations. 

CerMark laser marking materials are marked with production lot numbers for tracking. 

The CerMark laser marking materials are manufactured by Ferro Corporation but they only sell in large bulk.  CerMark Sales is a distributor of CerMark laser marking materials.  CerMark Sales is owned by Advanced Identification, Inc.  As Advanced Identification, Inc. and CerMark Sales are not the manufacturer we do not create our own material certificates.  If you request a material certificate it will be created by Ferro Corporation for Advanced Identification, Inc. based on the product type and lot number.  

If you need a material certificate we have to request one be made by Ferro’s Quality Department.  This may take a few days so we normally ship your order and email a copy of the certificate once it is complete.