CerMark Ultra ETA now July 15th

CerMark Ultra production is wrapping up and we hope to be able to start selling around July 15th. We will send an email to existing customers as soon as we can start shipping.  We are not taking pre-orders for these items.

New CerMark Ultra Coating

Works on many material types

This new coating is formulated to work on all typical laser markable hard surfaces such as metals, glass, ceramics (glazed or unglazed), stone, brick (glazed & unglazed), slate and more.  This formula is not intended for painted items, wood or plastics.

Mark much faster

In testing we have been able to mark up to 80% faster speed with 40% less power.  This material will also create dark black marks with a much wider range of settings.

New mini spray cans

This material will be sold in all the normal liquid sizes and 12 Oz. spray can like standard LMM 6000.  A mini spray can is also being introduced .

We supply CerMark special coatings for use with CO2 and Fiber Laser Marking/Engraving Systems to make high contrast permanent marks on metals, glass and ceramic items.

There are several laser marking coating types that allow you to offer more options for your customers without having to buy additional marking equipment.

Feel free to call or email us with any questions for the best free customer support for these products in the industry.