Shipping Requirements

Most CerMark laser marking materials can only be shipped UPS ground to a physical address. 

CerMark liquid LMM 14 and 6018 tape can be sent by air for an added charge.

If you need express shipping or are outside of the continental US contact Lori James 866-241-9881 ext. 100 or to process your order manually or provide you will other distributors near you.

We charge a flat rate of $9.95 for orders under $300 and a flat rate of $15.95 for shipping on orders over $300 because we add insurance.  These rates are regardless of how many items are ordered or where the package is going. UPS standard coverage is only $100.

Any damage or packages lost by UPS are not our responsibility.  If a package is lost or damaged we will try to file a claim and get as much reimbursement from UPS as we can for your order but we are not responsible for any lost value caused by UPS or any other reason once a package leaves our location.

UPS does not deliver to US Mail PO Boxes but will deliver to PO Boxes located in a UPS Store.  Aside from UPS Store PO Boxes UPS will only deliver to physical addresses.