CerMark Cup Application System

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Apply CerMark to cups without spraying in as little as 2 seconds time.

This high speed pneumatic driven table top unit lets you control a specific area of where you would like to apply CerMark with no over spray.

The low cost easy to use system is adjustable for different size cups.

By screen printing you can get about 3 times more distance from the same amount of coating and apply a very consistent coating thickness.

You can also use this same unit to screen print logos in color on painted cups.

Compressed air is required to operate this system.

Additional shipping charges will be required based on ship to location.  Shipping cost will be billed at actual UPS Ground rate it costs us for your order or we can use your UPS account as well.

CerMark Sales Application System from Mike Stover on Vimeo.


For further technical details give us a call at 866-241-9881 and dial ext. 242.

If you wish to purchase this item contact our Accounting Department at ext. 404

This unit will not work with standard CerMark LMM 6000.  Must only use special formulation from CerMark Sales, Inc.