Glass and Ceramic Marking Materials

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CerMark Ultra is the best for black marks on glass and we have stopped selling CerMark coating 6044 except by special order.  CerMark 6098 is used to make white mark on glass and ceramic items.  6098 is only supplied in liquid form and must be applied by spraying on to the item.  These coatings can be used with CO2 or fiber lasers if they go to 200 kHz. or higher frequency.

7 products
CerMark Ultra 12 OZ Spray Can
CerMark Ultra 2 OZ Spray Can
CerMark Ultra 50 Gram Liquid
CerMark Ultra 250 Gram Liquid
CerMark Ultra 1000 Gram Liquid
Discontinued Product some inventory still in stock LMC 6098 Bright White for Ceramic/Glass – 250 Grams Liquid
Size Discontinued - CerMark Ultra 500 Gram Liquid

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