Non-returnable Products
These products are not returnable once delivered and opened by a customer. TherMark™/ CerMark™ laser marking materials require DOT shipping training and certification in order to ship. Most customers do not have proper training or authorization for this.

Defective Products
CerMark Sales, Inc. does not manufacture or warrant TherMark™/ CerMark™ branded laser marking materials. Ferro Corporation the chemical company that manufactures these products for us provides a warranty for the products to be free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal use, and to have an effective shelf-life under proper storage and normal use, for a period of six (6) months from ship date. CerMark Sales, Inc. will facilitate providing credit for materials we and/or Ferro Corporation deem to be defective only if they were purchased directly from CerMark Sales, Inc..

Cermark Sales, Inc. is not liable for any damages caused by a customer using these products.  If the materials are not marking as you expect we have found that in almost all cases this is due to the laser operator not using the correct laser settings needed or the item you are trying to mark not compatible with the kind of laser marking material you are using. Improper use is not covered under warranty.

CerMark Sales, Inc. provides free technical support for any application questions.

If you need technical assistance or believe you have a defective product call CerMark Sales, Inc. Customer Service at 866-241-9881 ext. 220.