LMM 14 Black for Metals – 500 Grams Liquid

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CerMark LMM 14 (originally known as TherMark) creates permanent black laser marks on metals with CO2 lasers.  Fiber lasers can also be used if they can be run at a frequency of 200 kHz. or higher.

Every laser system is different and you will have to make test marks to develop the best settings for your specific unit.  Different power and speed settings will be required for different metal types as some suck the laser heat away very fast.  Soft metals will like Brass, Copper, Pewter, and Aluminum will have to run at much slower speeds to get a proper bond.

Laser bonding will not work well on metals coated with paint, a film or lacquered coating.  Brass and copper items typically have a clear coating that would have to be removed for proper marking.  A clear coating can be applied on top of the laser mark.

Product Characteristics
Dark gray to black appearance when wet.  Light gray powder when dry that can be rubbed off easily before laser marking.

Always make sure to shake and stir well prior to each use.

Clean surface of metal so that it is free of any lubricants or oils. LMM-14 must be applied with an even and thin coat to ensure a consistent mark.

For best results thin with denatured alcohol 1/1 and spray on with an air brush. 

Can also be applied with brush. A foam brush is recommended. Thinning not required if brushing on.