by Mike Stover
Many times brass has a clear film or coating on it to prevent tarnish. These coatings can interfere with CerMark being able to bond to the metal surface. It is important to remove this coating before applying CerMark. Some people will laser the item to burn the coating off or use chemical cleaner to take it off.

The best CerMark materials for brass, bronze and copper are either Ultra or LMM 14 coatings. LMM 14 can cause the surface of these metals to dull especially if applied in liquid form and left on for a long period of time. CerMark LMM 6000 coating is not recommended for soft or very high polish metals. We do sell a small tester spray can of the Ultra coating for only $10 plus shipping on our website.

Soft metals like brass dissipate heat much more quickly than harder metals like stainless steel. The laser power and speed settings will be considerably different than what you may use for stainless steel. Since the heat is sucked away quickly on softer metals you will need to run as much as 50% slower than you would for stainless steel. It is important to test several speed settings to make sure you get it correct. You should be able to make a mark that you can not remove with Brillo pad scrubbing. If the mark comes off you need more power and/or slower speed.

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