LMM 6012 1000 Grams Screen Print Application Black for Metals

SKU: LMM6012.1000
LMM 6012 1000 Grams Screen Print Application Black for Metals
LMM 6012 1000 Grams Screen Print Application Black for Metals

LMM 6012 1000 Grams Screen Print Application Black for Metals

SKU: LMM6012.1000
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CerMark LMM 6012 is a special formulation of LMM 6000 designed for screen printing application.

Screen print application is much faster than spraying, provides a very constant thickness, eliminates overspray and allows for precise control of marking area size.  Screen printing should allow for at least 2.5 times more coverage with the same amount of liquid.

LMM 6012 works equally well with CO2, fiber and solid state lasers.

LMM 6012 will not work on metals with a lacquered coating.

LMM 6012 can be screen printed as-is from the container.  It can be reduced or thinned if necessary to achieve good coverage with 1588.

After dilution and thorough mixing, the ink should be applied to the screen using an appropriate applicator, the same as with a conventional screen printing ink.  A screen mesh of 160 to 200 should be used.  The goal is to set up the printer to apply a consistent coat having a typical thickness of about 1mil (25µm).  As with any screen printing process, depending on the workshop environment, the ink may require periodic replenishment and dilution to avoid drying out.  The thinning agent can be used for cleaning the screen and tools after use. Any unused ink should be decanted and stored in a separate sealed container for future use.

LMM 6012 requires heated drying.  It takes about 5 - 15 minutes for the coating to dry at 200-400 F.

Product Appearance:
LMM 6012 is a smooth, greenish gray, slightly thick ink-like paste, having the consistency of pancake batter.  LMM 6012 is the same color when dry, with no gloss.  It will dry to a hard film and have moderate resistance to scratching.

Estimated Coverage:
50 gram liquid ink, up to 1,700 sq./in

250 gram liquid ink, up to 8,500 sq./in

500 gram liquid ink, up to 17,000 sq./in

1,000 gram liquid ink, up to 34,000 sq./in

* Product coverage in above table assumes proper application (dilution/coating thickness).

Product Storage:
For best shelf life results LMM 6012 should be stored between 40ºF (5ºC) and 95ºF (35ºC) in a dark, dry place.

LMM 6012 is an alcohol-based material.  After laser bonding, any excess, un-bonded material can be washed off the substrate and down the drain into your normal water/sewer waste area.  Unused containers of liquid ink/paste should be opened, the alcohol base evaporated into a well ventilated area, and once only solids remain in the container, the container with solids can be safely disposed of in your regular trash and solid waste area.

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