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CerMark Sales Application System from Mike Stover on Vimeo.


Apply CerMark to cups without spraying in as little as 2 seconds.

We have created a high speed pneumatic driven table top unit that lets you control a specific area of where you would like to apply CerMark with no over spray.

The low cost easy to use system is adjustable for different size cups.

By screen printing you can get about 3 times more distance from the same amount of coating and apply a very consistent coating thickness.

Compressed air is required to operate the system.

CerMark LMM 6012 is a special formulation of LMM 6000 designed for screen printing application. Screen printing should allow for at least 2.5 times more coverage with the same amount of liquid over spray application.

Estimated Coverage:
50 gram liquid ink, up to 1,700 sq./in

250 gram liquid ink, up to 8,500 sq./in

500 gram liquid ink, up to 17,000 sq./in

1,000 gram liquid ink, up to 34,000 sq./in

Screen print application is much faster than spraying, provides a very constant thickness, eliminates over spray and allows for precise control of marking area size.  

LMM 6012 does not require dilution and is ready to use straight from the bottle This coating has more oil in it to prevent the coating from drying on the screen and heated drying is strongly recommended for best mark results.  Drying with a heat gun helps but for best results 5 to 15 minutes at 200-400 F is recommended.

LMM 6012 works equally well with CO2, fiber and solid state lasers.

4 products
LMM 6012 1000 Grams Screen Print Application Black for Metals
LMM 6012 250 Grams Screen Print Application Black for Metals
LMM 6012 50 Grams Screen Print Application Black for Metals
CerMark Cup Application System

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