LMM 6000 Black for Metal – 500 Grams Concentrated Liquid

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The CerMark LMM 6000 coating creates permanent black laser marks on hard metal types such as Stainless Steel.  CerMark LMM 6000 will work with CO2 lasers with 30 or more watts of power and fiber lasers that can reach a frequency of 200 kHz. or higher.

LMM 6000 will work on some aluminum grades but much slower marking speed is required.  LMM 6000 is  NOT recommended for Chrome or softer metals like Brass, Copper and Pewter.  CerMark LMM 14 is recommended for chrome and softer metals.

For best results apply with an air brush.  A foam brush should be used if not spraying.

LMM-6000 is formulated thick to prevent settling. It may be necessary to thin the paste before using. We recommend thinning with ethanol, denatured alcohol, acetone or methyl ethyl ketone (MEK). Isopropyl rubbing alcohol should be avoided. Application method will determine how much you need to thin LMM-6000.

When spraying we recommend a 1:1 mix of LMM-6000 to ethanol, by volume. MEK and acetone are stronger solvents, so you will need less thinner if using these.

When applying with foam brush we recommend a 2:1 ratio to start, 2 parts ethanol to 1 part LMM-6000 by volume, add more ethanol as needed. Keep in mind that the more the material is thinned, the less active ingredients are being applied. If LMM-6000 is thinned too much, the mark may appear to be lighter in color than what the LMM-6000 could produce.

Clean the surface of the metal so it is free of any type of lubricants or oils. Apply a thin coat of LMM-6000 to the metal; try to apply an even coating. LMM-6000 can be applied by a spray gun, air brush, paint brush or a foam brush. If the material is applied too thin, the mark will not be as dark. If the material is applied too thick, it will require more power to make the mark. It is important that LMM-6000 is applied with an even and thin coat. Applying LMM-6000 may require practice to achieve the right coverage. We recommend that all CerMark LMM products be applied in a well-ventilated area or spray booth designed to pull air away from user.

It is important that the LMM-6000 is allowed to dry thoroughly. It can air dry in about 2 minutes. This process can be sped up by using a drying oven, hair dryer or a heat lamp.

Laser power and speed settings vary greatly based on the size and power level of the laser system used.  Each customer will have to develop settings for there system.

After laser marking excess material can be removed by washing with warm water in a sink or wet paper towels.

These products are only meant for marking directly on metal.  Paint or other coatings can prevent the material from bonding correctly.